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Community Art Project

EXPRESSION OF INTEREST NOW OPEN... Regenter Myatts Field North is searching for an experienced artist to develop a legacy artwork reflecting the MFN Community journey while undertaking the regeneration.

To celebrate the past, present and future of the Myatts Field community – the mosaic will include photographic contributions from residents.

Over the coming months residents of Myatt’s Field North, past and present, have been invited to submit photos of their memories of the community to include in the in the Column. Photos will be scanned and fired onto the tiles themselves and will serve as an enduring representation of the community’s spirit.

Residents will be involved in the fabrication of the artwork through mosaic making and ceramic design workshops held at the Myatt’s Field Center, where they will be able to learn about the process and help turn their memories into a permanent celebration of the community.


Find out more on the artwork Facebook page.


Find out more or to submit your ideas, please view the following documents

1. Expression of Interest and Project Details

2. MFN Site Layout

3. MFN Park Plan

If you have any questions, please speak to Mark Dibblin by calling  020 3771 0145

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